Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Movie:  Hot Pursuit
Jan's Rating:  B
Time:  1 hour 27 minutes

Jan's Opinion:  I saw this movie yesterday with my friend, Laura, and we both enjoyed it in spite of the bad reviews.  Granted, it is not an academy award winning picture but light and funny and just what we were in the mood to see.  Reese Weatherspoon is a strickly-by-the-book cop because she wants to be as good a cop as her father had been.  She has been assigned to protect a sexy and outgoing widow (played by Sofia Vergara) from a drug boss as they race through Texas being pursued by murderous gunmen and crooked cops.  It was worth our time and we were glad we went.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

St. Vincent

Movie:  St. Vincent
Jan's Rating:  A
Time:  1 hour 40 mins.

Jan's Opinion:  First of all, I'm sorry I haven't been on here for awhile but there just haven't been any movies out that I really wanted to see.  However, I did miss seeing St. Vincent when it was out so I bought it at Target last week and Dave and I watched it last night.  I have to tell you, this is my kind of movie.  We both loved it!  Melissa McCarthy and her son move in next door to Bill Murray, who plays a crotchety old man who drinks and gambles too much.  Out of desperation, Melissa has to ask Bill to watch her son when she works late, which is often.  He and the son become close as he introduces the boy to all his haunts.  The boy is wise beyond his years and soon understands Bill better than Bill does himself.  It was a heart-warming story about love and trust, makes you laugh and cry, and has the best ending I have seen in a long time.  Oh, and I can't forget Naomi Watts who is excellent at playing Bill Murray's "lady of the night"!  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Sunday, March 29, 2015


Movie:  Unbroken
Jan's Rating:  A
Time:  2 hours 17 minutes

Jan's Opinion:  This is the third true story of a war movie that I have seen in 2 months.  I did not get a chance to see Unbroken when it was in the theaters so Dave and I rented it last night and finally got to see it.  First of all, I have to say that if I had known how brutal the movie was, I would not have rented it.  I gave it an "A" rating because it does tell the true story of how it was during WW-II and how our soldiers suffered at the hands of the Japanese.  This was the true story of Louis (Louie) Zamperini, who died last year at age 97.  Jack O'Connell played the role very well of Louie in the movie.  Angelina Jolie directed the movie.  I couldn't help thinking of Senator McCain as I watched this movie, knowing that he suffered this same in-humane treatment at the hands of the Japanese soldiers for 5 years!  And he never gave them any information that they wanted.  I also couldn't help thinking that after he gave up 5 years of his life and suffered greatly for our country, that there were actually people who thought he wouldn't make a good president.

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Movie:  The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
Time:  2 hours 2 minutes
Jan's Rating:  B+

Jan's Opinion:  Dave and I saw this movie yesterday with our neighbor and friend, Neal Jeffries.  We all thoroughly enjoyed the movie.  I did feel there were a few more laughs in the first movie, which is why I gave this one a B+ instead of an A, but with the characters in it, you can't help but enjoy it. Maggie Smith is hilarious with her no-nonsense humor, and Judy Dench is delightful as she tries to pretend she isn't falling in love. Sonny, played by Dev Patel, the young Indian man in the last movie, owns the hotel and he is a hoot!  He plans to expand the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel while planning his wedding to beautiful Sunaina, and finds he is failing miserably at both.  However, all works out in the end.  Richard Gere is in this movie and has an important role, which I won't disclose as it will ruin the ending for you.  My advice is, go see it, you will love it too!

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Movie:  American Sniper
Jan's Rating:  B-
Time:  2 hours 14 mins.

Jan's Opinion:  My husband and I saw this movie yesterday and he gave it a C.  We both thought the war scenes with the shooting went a bit longer than necessary.  Just our opinion.  This is probably Bradley Cooper's best role, portraying Chris Kyle, a Navy Seal, who loved his country so much that he went to Iraq for 4 tours, leaving his wife at home to raise their son and daughter.  This movie is taken from a true story about a Navy Seal, who became the most lethal sniper in American history. Chris Kyle died recently at age 38 while helping a fellow serviceman.  We did enjoy the movie, just thought it went a big long.

Saturday, January 3, 2015


Movie:  The Hunger Games, Mockingjay, Part I
Jan's Rating:  A
Time:  2 hours 3 minutes

Jan's Opinion:  First of all, I'm sorry I haven't been on my blog lately but frankly, there haven't been any movies I have wanted to see.  Shame on Hollywood for just making movies for teenagers - we seniors like movies too!  I have to admit to being a fan of The Hunger Games.  I have seen all three with my grandson and I understand there is one more coming out before the series ends.  Yesterday, we saw Mockingjay, Part I, which was a cliff hanger, and now we have to wait for Part II to see how it ends.  I am hoping for the demise of the evil President Snow (Donald Sutherland).  This movie starts with Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) waking up to find that her home, District 12, has been destroyed, and that Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) is now brainwashed and held captive by President Snow. Katniss agrees to be "Mockingjay" and help end the war with President Snow.  My grandson and I both enjoyed the movie, and I commented to him that Jennifer Lawrence must have been exhausted after a day of shooting this movie!  Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Friday, October 10, 2014


Movie:  Gone Girl
Jan's Rating:  B
Time:  2 hours 25 minutes

Jan's Opinion:  I saw this movie with my friend, Laura, this week.  I had started to read the book but didn't like it.  However, I decided I might like the movie.  Well, I'm glad I went to see it but it is not one I would want to see a second time.  Everyone I have talked to agrees that they did not like the ending....not in the book, nor in the movie.  Ben Affleck was hot, no doubt about that!  He is married to Rosamund Pike, a very good actress from England.  She certainly plays her part well as the psycho wife.  She finds that her husband is having an affair with one of his students and she plans a payback that is worthy of an Oscar.  She leaves Ben and makes it look like he killed her.  At first he thinks she was kidnapped but she left enough clues for him to know exactly what she was doing, framing him for her murder.  She had an affair with Neil Patrick Harris, which was the unbelievable part of the movie.  Since everyone knows Neil is gay, it is hard to imagine him having an affair with any woman.  I personally think they could have found a straight man to play that role.  Please understand, I have nothing against gays, but that was not the role for Neil if you wanted people to  believe it was really happening. Tyler Perry did a good job playing Ben's attorney.  That's about all I have to say about this movie.  Go see it and form your own opinion, or maybe you will agree with me.